Emperor of the North 2008
http://www.emperortrains.com      sales@emperortrains.com      phone: 1 (505) 994-9099

N Scale & Other scales considered, please NO brass steam, For quotes please contact  Emperor Trains
Call between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm MDT/MST, otherwise please leave a message.
Updated: 06.05.2012     Credit Cards Accepted      Visa accepted      master card accepted

All prices are for paint jobs only, models are supplied by the customer or at addtional cost
NP F3 a,b
NP F3 a,b $110.00
NP logo NP F7 a,b
NP F7 a,b $110.00 each unit
NP SD45 $110.00
NP logo NP wish list
NP F40PH $110.00
NP Observation car
NP Observation car $50.00
NP logo NP North Coast Ltd passenger car set
North Coast Ltd Passenger Car set $425.00

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