Emperor of the North 2008
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SD 70
SD70 $110.00
DRGW logo UP trademark SD45
SD45 $110.00
GP30 $110.00
DRGW logo UP trademark GP35
GP35 $110.00
F3 A
DRGW logo UP trademark F3 B
F3B  $110.00
F 7 units
F7  $110.00 each item
DRGW logo UP trademark PA 2 units
PA2&PB2 $110.00 each item
DRGW Ski Train passenger set
Ski Train set with powered B unit $435.00
DRGW logo UP trademark observation car
Observation car "Kansas" $110.00

Products bearing Union Pacific, Southern Pacific Lines, Texas & Pacific Railway, Cotton Belt Route, Chicago and Northwestern System, M-K-T Railroad, Rio Grande, Western Pacific, The Feather River Route, Missouri Pacific Lines and Mo-Pac marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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